How To Live A Cheeseless Life

Yes, it is possible.

Aidan Morgan
3 min readOct 22, 2019


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To cheese or not to cheese? It’s not even a question.

I know you can relate to this one. If I were to name three things I thought were horrible five years ago, one of them would’ve been a cheeseless life. I put that stuff on everything! Melted and solid, shredded and cubed, curds and sauces — it was a regular ingredient in and on a variety of my dishes.

I ate that goop like I was addicted to it. Because I was, and, actually, you probably are, too.

You see, cheese contains something called casomorphins, which are protein fragments that come from casein, a protein found in milk. When cheese is produced, casein and fat become concentrated in the end product, and when they are digested, casomorphins are released into your system.

Now, guess what casomorphins do to you? Surprise: They have an opioid effect on your mind and body. Yup, I said opioid, the world’s oldest known drug. So you can expect that you, and pretty much everyone you know, are somewhat addicted to opioids just because of cheese. That’s why giving up cheese is unimaginable to a lot of us.

Still not convinced? If the idea of dependency doesn’t scare you off the stuff, then how about the risk of a heart attack or stroke? Cheese is notoriously high in saturated fat and dietary cholesterol, which are some of main contributors to heart disease, the number 1 killer worldwide.

Love animals? Then you should know that the animal abuse involved in producing cheese is horrific and, to my mind now, not worth any amount of taste-bud pleasure. Back when I would get those random cravings for something cheesy, feeling pre-existing triggers take hold, I still managed to avoid eating it by consistently reminding myself of where it came from.

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Today, to be honest, the thought of “real cheese” makes me sick. But what if you can’t kick it cold turkey? Luckily, there are many options for you.

Companies like Follow Your Heart and Daiya make a huge variety of plant-based cheeses that are actually…



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