How I Wrote 27,000 Words for My First Freelance Writing Gig

Aidan Morgan
7 min readOct 9, 2019

Sometimes we need to force ourselves up against a wall.

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The first writing gig I ever got as a freelancer was for a 27,000-word e-book called “The Complete Guide to Intermittent Fasting for Women.” But up until this point in my life, the longest piece of writing I had ever produced was probably closer to 3000 words (and that was for school).

First, I started making.

When I first decided to start blogging, a side-hustle as a freelance writer never crossed my mind. What I did think to myself, was that I could produce valuable content on a subject I’m passionate about (and eventually make money through things like affiliate links and ad revenue if I got enough attention).

But serendipitously, the opportunity to be paid just to write fell into my lap.

Besides trying to make money as a writer, along with many other things, I also sell personalized workout plans & vegan meal plans through my social media, word-of-mouth & sites like Fiverr.

And Fiverr is where this pursuit to be paid to write & create all started.

Then, I got noticed.

Cover of The Animal Advocacy Issue of VegWorld Magazine ,
Cover of VegWorld Magazine The Animal Advocacy Issue

One day when I was checking my requests on Fiverr, I saw a message from Veg World Magazine. Veg World Mag is an online magazine focused on covering everything vegan, from fitness to activism to cooking.

And guess what.

The editor over at Veg World Mag just so happened to see a post about “Living a cheeseless life” on my, very small, self-hosted Wordpress blog. They wanted me to write a piece for them like that one for their upcoming Animal Advocacy Issue, and they even offered to pay me for it.

But I realized the exposure that I was being given, so I offered to do it for free. That was the first time in my life I was offered real money for doing something actually creative, so believe me when I say it took a second for me to make the decision to turn down the money.



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