If you’ve never built your own email list before, here’s how you actually start

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It doesn’t matter what conversions you’re trying to achieve, what industry you’re in, or who your demographic is, the fundamentals of building any quality e-mail list will remain the same.

You’ll have to attract subscribers to a signup process, keep them interested while consistently delivering value, and continuously improve your methods based on the analytics or any feedback you receive.

But those are just the abstract fundamentals. If you’ve never built your own email list before, here’s how you actually start.

Step 1. Pick Your Provider

The first step in building an email list is picking your email service provider, ESP for short. ESPs are…

Stop guessing what will provide value.

Man grabbing lightbulbs graphic-Never Run Out of Content Ideas

Content ideas, they’re typically a dime a dozen, that is until you’re looking for one. Anyone who creates content regularly has been here, motivated more than ever to create another valuable piece when suddenly, your mind becomes as blank as the page you’re staring at.

Thankfully there’s a solution.

When you’re trying to provide value in content, you’re ultimately attempting to provide the answer to a question. One of the best ways to ensure your content will provide value people are actually looking for is by Answering the Public’s questions.

Where do you find these questions?

Well, you can find…

Your customers will spend more with these time-tested techniques

staircase with a neon sign next to it that says “More this way”

So you have your own e-commerce business, and you feel like your customers could be spending more with each order?

Well, you’re in a good spot.

When compared to traditional bricks-and-mortar retail, e-commerce has a plethora of different strategies, techniques, and tactics that you can easily and seamlessly implement into your unique selling model.

Whether you’re selling physical products or services, it’s more than likely you could be getting your customers to spend more by using one or more of these methods.

Here are six ways you can boost your average order value and generate more revenue in e-commerce:

  1. Upsells

Your customers could be spending so much more

A mini shopping cart dangles off a person’s finger.

“Do you want fries with that?”

That right there, is one of the most profitable upsells of all time.

McDonald’s has made millions of dollars a year with that one line, and you can do the same thing with your e-commerce store. Okay, I don’t know if you’re going to make millions, but you’ll definitely have a good chance at increasing your average order value and/or bringing in more sales.

Upselling is a beautiful thing. It’s when you make certain offers for the customer that in turn increase their order value. These offers can be anything, from additional products to…

Maximize the potential of your email list by learning how to use this one tool

If you or your business uses email marketing, then you’ll most likely want to also utilize email flows. Email flows allow you to automatically recover lost sales, communicate efficiently, engage with subscribers and so much more. They really can be one of the most profitable and effective methods of maintaining and engaging your mailing list, no matter the size.

What is an Email Flow?

An email flow is simply an automated sequence of emails that are initiated when a specific trigger is met. What’s the trigger you may ask? Well…

Yes, it is possible.

To cheese or not to cheese? It’s not even a question.

I know you can relate to this one. If I were to name three things I thought were horrible five years ago, one of them would’ve been a cheeseless life. I put that stuff on everything! Melted and solid, shredded and cubed, curds and sauces — it was a regular ingredient in and on a variety of my dishes.

I ate that goop like I was addicted to it. Because I was, and, actually, you probably are, too.

You see, cheese contains something called casomorphins, which are protein fragments that come from casein, a protein found in milk. When cheese…

A common obstacle I have to overcome as a freelancing creative

If you’re in a client-based profession, then you‘ll probably relate to this. Clients new to the industry will tend to hesitate when giving you criticism or revealing what they actually want.

And to be honest, you can’t blame clients for this hesitation. They’re people too. Even though clients may be paying for a service, they are going to face the same anxieties, any normal people would feel when told to criticize someone else’s work.

I find this to be especially true if your work with clients requires creativity.

Creative endeavors are one of those things that most of us would…

Breaking down your goals will increase your chances of success.

Are you a high achiever? Are you constantly hungry for more? Striving to thrive in life with whatever your passion may be. Then you’re probably familiar with the concept of goal-setting, and how crucial it can be to achieving success.

But the term “goal” can mean so many different things. A goal can be something as simple as “I want to gain muscle,” or something as vague as “I want to make a difference.”

Phrasing a goal this way is dangerous. If the point of a goal is to achieve…

3 Perspectives that Curb Gym Anxiety

You come out of the change room ready to start your fitness journey, but when you take your first step on the gym floor, you suddenly feel the burn of 1000 eyes staring at your lose clothes & skinny demeanor.

First of all, I have empathy.

I still remember my first year or two in the gym and man would I get anxious. It can be super easy to feel small, pathetic and weak when you walk into a gym for the first time. Like a lot of people, I struggled at points with anxiety in the gym.

But if…

The core principles involved in gaining muscle as a vegan

(Edit: This article turned out longer than I expected so if you want a quick summary/list of my main points you can scroll to the bottom!)

When I became vegan I had already been actively training every day for a few years

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