5 Ways Weightlifting Will Transform Your Life

The impact will be mind-blowing.

Aidan Morgan
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We all know that the impact exercise can have on someone's life is tremendous, and I’m here to tell you why weightlifting is the best form of exercise to transform your life.

And if you don't need to completely transform your life, here are 5 Amazing Benefits to Weightlifting!

Strength & Ability

The first and most obvious advantage to weightlifting is the increase in strength and ability it brings, which will come in handy in countless walks of life. It’s going to help with everything from opening pickle jars to carrying the groceries home with no breaks! Just by making things like this easier, you will experience a significant increase in quality of life.

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Then there are the scenarios in life where you may be forced to depend on yourself and your own ability.

What if there’s a fire? What if you need to pull someone out from a car wreck?What if a pretty girl asks you to help her move furniture?! Being self-reliant and having the ability to be physically useful is always a good thing.

Health & Longevity

Did you know that exercising a mere 450 minutes, or 7.5 hours, a week can decrease your mortality risk by a whopping 39%! (1) But that’s just exercise in general. Weightlifting, on the other hand, can have benefits lasting with you into old age.

Two benefits, in particular, are the burning of excess fat and an increase in bone density.

While exercises like running can have a drastic result on fat-loss, there is a couple of ways weightlifting helps burn fat as well. Firstly, you burn a good amount of calories while weightlifting. If you weigh 150–200 pounds, then you’ll approximately burn 430–570 calories after 60 minutes of lifting free weights. The second contributing factor weightlifting provides is keeping your heart rate in the golden fat-burning zone. This zone lays around the 70% mark of your maximum heart rate.



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